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Let the Fans of Football hear your say

Let the fans of football hear your say

Now that the footymagic blog is finished, why not let the viewers, i.e you, know what it's about. This blog is made so that you can share your views on footballing issues with other users and maybe even have debates going on about certain topics. So post your comment's on what you think about the certain topic and compare it with others. I do not by any means accept inappropriate language on this blog and if found publishing inappropriate comments you will immediately be banned from posting on this blog, because this blog is used to share comments with others in an acceptable way. So get your hands out of your pockets and get typing. Let the debating begin

Thursday, 19 July 2007

Fergie clears up the rumours

Manchester United Gaffer Sir Alex Ferguson has ruled out the possibility of United left back Gabriel Heinze going to Liverpool. Even though United have recieved numerous offers for Heinze, they were all turned down, but one thing's for sure, Sir Alex does not want Heinze to go to United's fierce rivals Liverpool. What do you think on this topic, whatever you think write down your comments please.

Monday, 16 July 2007

Richardson's off to Sunderland

Former Manchester United winger, Kieran Richardson has signed a new contract with Premiership newbies Sunderland. Do you think that this was a good decision by the ex red devil or was he not getting enough games at Old Trafford, whatever your opinions write them down by clicking on the title of the topic and then under the number of comments click on add a comment.

Friday, 13 July 2007

Torres will never walk alone

Spanish ace striker has singed for Liverpool and now is playing in the Premiership, but do you think he will adapt to the fast and exciting pace of the premiership with the likes of Ronaldo, Robben, Lampard etc... So please put down your thoughts by clicking on the title and following the instructions. Also you may consder leving your E-mail address and will be notified whenever a new post is added. You may also wish to take part in the monthly polls and watch some of the clips.

Yossi to Liverpool

Liverpool Gaffer, Rafael Benitez has signed an ace midfielder in the form of Yossi Benayoun, but do you think he was the right man to buy. Where will they place him with Jermaine Pennant, Steven Gerrard and the rest of the gang. We would really appreciate it if you could write down your comments on this topic.

Tuesday, 10 July 2007

Arjen Robben leaving?

According to the gossip column on BBC Sport, Arjen Robben's lawyer is in Spain and is holding talks with Real Madrid who seem to be interested in the Blue's winger. Do you think it will be good for Chelsea or is it just another one of them rumors that you think will never happen, well whatever you think write your comments down by just clicking on the title and followiing the steps

Sunday, 8 July 2007

Bellamy for Hammers

Now that Teves looks to go to Manchester Utd Hammers boss wants to sign Liverpool striker Bellamy as his replacement and yet again this blog wants you to write down what you think of this transfer. So please don't hesitate to comment on this issue.

Saturday, 7 July 2007

What could Argentinian Ace bring

Carlos Teves is set to pack his bags and set off for Manchester but what could Teves bring to the premiership champions 2007 and do you thing United have spent too much on improving the squad or is this yet again a great piece of business by Sir Alex so please leave your comments on this post.

Thursday, 28 June 2007

Is Eriksson the right man?

Following Manchester City's dreadful season it was no surprise that a new manager was needed and now eriksson looks to fix his reputation by promising an improvement. But what do you think, do you think he can succeed where Pierce failed. So please put your comments down.

Torres for Reds

It looks that Liverpool are wanting to bring spanish striker, Fernando Torres to Anfield. However who should they take off. We will love it if you could leave your comments on this topic.

Bent for spurs

Tottenham Hotspurs look to sign Charlton Striker Darren Bent, but is he the right man for the job. Add your comments about this story and dont hesitate to leave your name. If you have any queries dont hesitate to email me at

Sunday, 24 June 2007

What will portugese, english and brazilian stars bring?

The question in this topic is to ask you, what do you think Nani, Hargreaves and Anderson will bring to the premiership champions of 06-07. Do you think this will bring more pace and youth to the squad or maybe you think Sir Alex Ferguson's wasting his time and money, whatever you think please write down your comments and share with others.

Saturday, 23 June 2007

The Great Henry off to Espanol

It looks like the great Legend Thierry Henry is packing his bags to go to F.C Barcelona on a transfer fee of around £16 million, but the thing i want to know is... what do you think about this move. So dont hesitate to write your comments on this topic because this blog is for you lot on the computers to share your views on the particular topic.

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